$100 Gets You:

Training, life vest, helmet, and 30 minutes fly time.

25.00 $ per 10 min. ADDITIONAL FLYING TIME with the purchase of FIRST-TIMER Session

Traveler Plans and Rates

Whether you are a regular traveler to Cozumel or you are stopping by for the first time, we have pricing options for you.  You can schedule your Flyboard flights ahead of time, or once you arrive, and can fly as frequently as your heart desires.  Purchase 10 flights for 1 person/non-transferable and paid in advance only, punch card system.  Value = $250 US for 10 x 10 min flying sessions. 

If I fly with Flyboard Cozumel and then come back and fly again, will I have to pay full price?

No!  Absolutely not.  If you are one of those travelers that keeps coming back to Cozumel, your flight credits will stay on file with us and you will qualify for the cheaper rates.

What if I have flown before, but when I return I bring friends and family who have not flown?

We appreciate when people recommend others to come fly with Flyboard Cozumel.  So much so, that we will offer you 10$ off your flight, at whatever rate you are qualified for.

Local And Cruise Crew Member Rates

At Flyboard Cozumel, we understand that living in a tourist destination can get ya feeling like you are left out of all the fun.  That is why we have structured rates for locals and residents.  Stop by Villablanca Beach Club for more information, or send us a message.

We also offer special discounted rates for Cruise ship Crew members that visit Cozumel regularly.

What if I come to fly and I bring people who do not live on the island?

You will be available for the local rate, and the “bring a friend” promotion will apply as a 10$ credit off towards  your friends first flight.

Ask about our frequent flyer program.

You can get more information when you stop by the Flyzone.  See you soon!